Who We Are?

Caravan book house is a practical transformation of an impregnable idealism of accomplishing an arduous pursuit of leading publishing in Pakistan. And now it is considered as renowned hub of sharing scholarly instructions and academic publishing by dint of backbreaking work as we believe that,” The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra”.

Why Choose Us?

Because we always care about our customers more than they expect. We don’t compromise in our quality but quantity as our customers have faith in us regarding to the high standard products. There is much diversity and variety of available books, magazines and novels covering all the needs and requirements of customers of all ages and interests.

Our Vision

To provide high level of competency and refined bundle of knowledge to our authors and readers.To supply wide range of academically, technically and non-technically relevant literature and language to libraries and academies. To work in such a manner to accommodate and meet changing demands of era.

Our Mission

Since the Caravan Book House proclaims to be a struggler in the race of becoming an example to be imitated. So it aims to be a leading publishing house in Pakistan. We believe that our nation can be more boor and civilized regarding to the ethical point of view through developing a sense of differentiating between an educational growth and uncultivated growth. CBH aims to be an integral part of Nation’s educational growth.

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